Nikolas makes a confession to Ava GH
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Sometimes love doesn’t conquer all.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of May 31 – June 3, some couples come together while others are torn apart. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At the Metro Court pool, a singles social gathering is in full swing and Britt takes command of the stage to make an announcement. Brook Lynn, Chase, Terry, Brad, and others are all in attendance for the event.

The announcer teases, “It’s said that love conquers all…” The camera pans to Brook Lynn and Chase hugging. Have they finally resolved their latest spat over BLQ wanting to fight Linc for the rights to her music? Meanwhile, Anna and Valentin are shown smiling at one another. Perhaps they’ve decided to stop ghosting each other?

The voiceover continues, “But will this time be different?” Spencer is shown glaring at Esme with anger in his eyes, but that’s nothing new considering he hates her. Though given the likely fake expression of fear mixed with sorrow on Esme’s face, we can’t help but wonder what she’s done this time? Might it have something to do with her spying on a vulnerable Nikolas plying himself with alcohol? More than likely, as Nikolas tells Ava, “There’s something you need to know.” Oh, Nikolas, what have you done now?

Meanwhile, Phyllis asks Sonny if he could do it all over again, would he make a different choice? Is she asking about his defending Nina in court, or perhaps his decision back in Nixon Falls not to pursue looking into who he really was when he had amnesia? Then Sonny is shown holding Nina, who has tears streaming down her face. Could this mean the hearing didn’t go her way?

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Video: General Hospital/YouTube