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The week to come promises to be one to remember… even if one character might prefer to forget it!

General Hospital couldn’t have made the writing on the wall any clearer. “Run,” it said. “Run, Nikolas, as far from Esme as you can get!” But this being a soap opera and all, he did not read the writing on the wall, allowing son Spencer’s “girlfriend” to remain dangerously close. And this week, it looks like that mistake just might come back to bite him — hard.

Uh-uh. No. Hands off, Nikolas!

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Spoilers reveal that on Tuesday, the scheme queen finds Nikolas all by his lonesome unless you count a glass full of booze. In other words, she happens upon him at pretty much the perfect moment to pounce, thereby bringing to fruition Daddy Dearest Ryan’s diabolical plot.

On Wednesday, it would appear that Nikolas becomes even more knotted up in Esme’s tangled web. Which kinda makes sense, considering that he’s just about the only person in Port Charles who doesn’t see through her sweet talk and affectionate gestures.

“Would you like some shade with your tea?”

Credit: ABC screenshot

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How far does Esme actually get with Nikolas? That, we can’t say for sure — yet. However, we do know that by the end of the week, he’s behaving with Ava as if he has something to hide. Is it an illicit kiss… or worse? We can’t wait to find out. Until we do…

Check out the below photo gallery that revisits highlights of Ava’s life in Port Charles — and perhaps gives a hint of the payback that Esme may have in store for her.