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It surprises us to say this as much as it may surprise you to hear it.

Watching General Hospital this week, it hit us: Yeah, we love the idea of Spencer and Trina as a couple. And if they became one, they’d have had to earn it, going through the trial by fire that has been his secret attempt to clear her name by remaining with Esme only to bust her. But at this point, if they didn’t happen, we’d be weirdly all right with that, too.

Why? One word: Rory. Don’t get us wrong. Spencer is a hella engaging character, tortured and passionate and as complicated as his family’s tree. But the PCPD’s newest recruit is something special, earnest and plainspoken and clearly smitten. Trina sees it, too: There’s no artifice with the young cop, no BS, no games and, perhaps best of all, no Esme.

Plus, Rory has dedicated himself to clearing Trina’s name. Who wouldn’t be moved by Officer Nice Guy’s belief in them?

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The look you give the young woman you really, really like…

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So if by the time Spencer finally lowers the boom on his treacherous girlfriend, he’s blown his shot with the sweetheart he really wants, so be it. “Rina” would make an adorable couple. And the ensuing storyline, in which Spencer reverts to conniving in hopes of scoring a second chance with Trina, would be classic daytime. The more plots he hatches to win her back, the more ground he’d actually lose.

What do you think? Are you feeling Trina and Rory, too? Just us? En route to the comments…

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