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A daytime moment that “brought back so many memories.”

One Llanview family One Life to Live fans will never forget is the Mannings and Starr’s former portrayer Kristen Alderson was recently reminded of a scene she and her castmates filmed 11 years ago. Along with a few behind-the-scenes photos from the ABC studios, the actress, who went on to cross her character over to General Hospital in 2012 and also created the role of Kiki, shared, “One Life to Live throwback!”

A Facebook memory had popped up that featured “some fun behind-the-scenes pictures” of the actors that Alderson had taken that day — 11 years ago — “where the real Todd [Roger Howarth] snuck into Sam’s birthday as Spider-Man.”

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The first photo, which she titled “The Mannings,” was a cute shot of legs intertwined that belonged to Alderson, Andrew Trischitta (Jack) and Kelley Missal (Danielle), followed by a few more spidey-themed pics from the day.

Trischitta jumped into the comments with excitement and shared, “Oh my! This brought back so many memories. I remember eating lots of Spider-Man-themed cake,” to which Alderson replied, “Oh snap that’s right! You really went for it.”

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Fans also recalled the fun episode… Alexa Bruzio couldn’t believe it had been 11 years and stated, “Where did the time go,” while Gabrielle Mast commented, “Literally just watched this on YouTube. I still can’t get over the fact One Life to Live is gone forever.”

And you can relive a moment from that day when Todd revealed himself to little Sam, who gasped, “It’s you!”

While you’re here, take a look at some of the Mannings in our One Life to Live then and now photo gallery below.

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