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This is the duo we’ve been needing in our lives! 

General Hospital‘s Maurice Benard has been talking to a slew of his famous friends and co-stars on his YouTube show, State of Mind, for a few years now, but for his most recent episode, Sonny’s portrayer zigged, instead of zagged. Rather than talk about such heavy topics as addiction, abuse and mental health, he sat down for a chat with eight-year-old Jophielle Love, who’s played Finn’s daughter Violet since 2019.

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While they did touch upon mental health briefly — a topic the young Love grasped surprisingly well — most of their conversation was just as adorable as you might have expected.

The duo started out their conversation talking about their first time working together, when Benard asked his young co-star what her thoughts of him were after their scene. Love, of course, thought that he was a great actor, replying that, “I think you’re really good as playing Sonny because you act like him and you are — like, you’re not acting, but you’re in him.”

“Like I’m living the character,” Benard mused. “Thank you, I appreciate that. So after our scene, how did you feel?”

“I felt pretty great, because I thought it was my first time working with you,” she told him. “And after that, I just saw how good of a person you were.”

“Oh, that’s sweet,” Sonny’s portrayer exclaimed. He then asked if it was OK if he told the audience what happened after that first scene, and how they became friends.

“OK,” she confirmed happily. “That’s fine with me.”

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Love was just five when she started playing Finn’s daughter.

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Benard went on to recount how he came out of wardrobe after their scene, saw Love and gave her a hug.

“And then,” he went on, “I said you were great and all that and I hoped to work with you again —”

“Thank you,” the young actress replied.

“You’re welcome,” a tickled Benard answered. “And then I went to lay down in my bed, and as I lay down on my bed, I heard something under the door.” At this point he started laughing. “I got up, and I said, ‘What?’ And I found something. I found this beautiful picture.”

He held up a drawing, laughing gently, clearly delighted by it. “And it says, ‘JoJo to Sonny.’ And it has me there with the black hair, and then you’re right here. And then I opened the door and you’re right out there, and I said, ‘That’s an incredible picture.’ And you said, ‘Thank you,’ because you’re so polite, and we just started talking. And your mom came, and that’s how we started our relationship! How did you feel about all that?”

“I felt pretty great,” she exclaimed, “because it was like meeting a new friend!”

The whole interview was nothing short of a delight, and the State of Mind host decided to wrap it up by having his young friend showcase another of her talents: singing.

He asked her to “sing that beautiful song that I saw for the first time just last night, that you wrote,” and love broke out her guitar, made sure it was tuned, then got into one of the most amazing songs you’ve ever heard from an eight-year-old.

Check it out below.

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“What?” an incredulous, obviously emotional Benard asked after she stopped. “You made me cry.”

Love just giggled, and replied, “Yeah, I saw that your eyes were red. That’s the first song I ever made. I’ve just made up songs, but this is the first song I’ve ever remembered and made.”

“Unbelievable,” her host remarked, then asked if she was going to right a song for him. She confirmed that she was.

“Alright,” he said, “I’m going to record it. This has been… I knew when we met and we connected, I had a feeling it was going to be this, just on you. And I’m so glad that you came here. The world needs to see you. I mean, I know they already see you, but my audience needs to see you.”

“Thank you, very much!”

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