GH Rundown for the week of December 21!

Last week was a short one due to the holiday, but of course Christmas was the backdrop for a lot of good stuff.

Standing Proud

Patrick was so fantastic with Robin last week running to her defense when he thought Steve had a problem with her HIV status. I was happy that Steve was immediately cool about it, but it was also nice to hear Lisa ask questions about it too. I think most people would react the way she did by being curious and maybe a little bit concerned. It seems like a natural response. What I liked best about it though, was that Robin didn’t feel the need to apologize or go into great detail about her condition. She apologized for not telling them about it, but didn’t act ashamed or embarrassed. It’s just a fact of her life and she moved on like it was no big deal. I respected her for that.

Quick Thought

I thought it was funny Dante told Lulu she wouldn’t be seeing him until after he took Franco down, but the next day he was at her door to spend the holiday with her. If I’m not mistaken, Franco is still roaming the streets of Port Charles Detective Falconeri.


How cute was Sonny with Josslyn? I kind of felt like they were testing Carly and Sonny’s chemistry again in that scene where he held her baby, but I don’t really think they’re going back there right now. Regardless, Sonny’s dimples were pretty precious as he smiled at the little one no matter what the point of it was.

Speaking of Sonny, I enjoyed his dinner with Dante and Olivia and how uncomfortable mother and son were when the conversation hit too close to home for each of them. Of course Sonny was oblivious to it all, but wouldn’t Dante at some point question Olivia about her time with Sonny and if he could possibly be his father? I would think the Bensonhurst exes’ constant walks down memory lane would make him do the math at some point.

See Ya Later

I was pretty happy that Rebecca left town last week, but why didn’t we see her say goodbye to Ethan? He was a pretty big part of her storyline, so why no goodbye? It was nice to see Chad Brannon again, who just so happened to be sitting next to her on her plane to Paris, but not as Zander’s long lost brother or as a ghost or some other soap cliché, just as some random guy. However, since he looks just like Emily’s ex, it’s kind of sad for Rebecca to go out of town still sort of in her sister’s shadow, whether she knows it or not.


The Christmas episode was really good as it’s fun to watch happy and harmonious families every once in awhile. Yes there needs to be conflict for story, but it’s also great to see couples together with their kids (and step kids) enjoying their time together.