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Note to self: Do not ever cross Ava!

You know, for a Cassadine, General Hospital‘s Nikolas is being startlingly naïve as Esme worms her way into his life. And things are only getting worse as she kicks daddy Ryan’s plan into high gear and gets a bit more… hands-on with Spencer’s father!

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As if things aren’t getting bad enough between Nikolas and Ava, executive producer Frank Valentini teased some juicy General Hospital drama on Twitter by asking a simple question of fans: “How close are Esme and Nikolas going to get, and will Ava find out?”

Oh, we’re betting uncomfortably close! And this is Ava we’re talking about, so of course she’ll find out! The real question is, what’s going to happen when she does?

Maura West, channeling her inner Ava, naturally, had a brutally simple response to that when she posted a gif of Negan from The Walking Dead pointing to his deceptively sweetly named bat, Lucille. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we all get the picture!

The rest of her post, though, took a little decoding — but just a little!

Let’s see, judging by that particular string of emojis: a black heart, a snake, a martini, a stiletto and a spade….

Yup, pretty sure Ava’s going to stomp Esme with her stiletto while sipping a martini, then bury that black-hearted, home-wrecking snake in the grass in the back with a spade! Or something along those lines. Then again, maybe it doesn’t need to be that complicated. A simple tumble could take care of Ava’s (and pretty much all of Port Charles’) Esme problem.

“Before this story is over, we need Ava to push Esme off the parapet,” fan Hayley responded. “It’s a Cassadine tradition and Esme has earned it.”

That’s actually not a bad plan. Simple, yet traditional.

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The gifs that the fans responded with were nearly as hilarious as West’s, with virtually everyone cheering Ava on! Although, as June McCarthy wondered, “Watch out, Esme — or is it Nikolas?”

OK! That’s a horrifyingly good point! If the two end up hopping into bed, it’s certainly not going to be all on Esme, so Ava’s beau better watch his back two. There might be too fresh graves on Spoon Island!

Either way, as fan Marisol put it to West, “You win Twitter today!”

“You win Twitter today,” Marisol responded

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