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Trouble is already in Port Charles, but this week it kicks into overdrive.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of May 16 – 20, Brook Lynn and Chase appear to have another misunderstanding. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At the Metro Court Gardens, during a birthday celebration, Michael tells Drew and Carly with the Quartermaines all united, Valentin doesn’t stand a chance. However, he has no idea that Valentin is already planning on targeting Ned, who is feeling left out in the cold by the Aurora and ELQ merger.

At the festivities, Brook Lynn looks at Chase with a shocked expression and walks away. Just when these two had appeared to be putting past misunderstandings behind them, what could have happened now?

The announcer teases that the trouble is just getting started, as Gladys stares at Sasha. Gladys saw the photographer’s pictures of Sasha with pills but has yet to confront her about them. And has Sasha taken the sleazy journalist’s offer to hook her up with more product?

At Wyndemere, it appears there is more trouble in store for Nikolas and Ava, but the real trouble is sitting beside him and he doesn’t even realize it. Following Ryan’s orders, Esme continues to ingratiate herself to Nikolas as she takes his hand and comforts him.

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Meanwhile, Portia unloads on Spencer that the trial and sex tape scandal are ruining Trina’s life and it’s all because of him and his awful girlfriend. She has no idea that Spencer is actively trying to help prove Trina’s innocence. Is this the week Spencer finally tells someone what he’s up to other than Cameron?

Finally, with Marshall gone, and now TJ going searching for him, Curtis confronts his Aunt Stella. He wants to know why she lied to him. Has he figured out that Stella has known the truth about Marshall all along? Or does she offer up that information?

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