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He isn’t seeing clearly, only seeing red.

We get it. Anyone who watches General Hospital would, right? Michael is angry, understandably so, that Sonny has blown up their family to be with Nina. Michael feels betrayed. Wronged. Pissed. But his stated goal of taking everything away from Sonny is downright shortsighted — and dangerous as hell!

First, Michael is forgetting that the Corinthos clan always kisses and makes up in the end. If he could forgive Sonny for putting his biological father A.J. in the grave, he can forgive anything. See also: Carly got past the fact that Sonny shot her in the head as she was giving birth, and Morgan and Sonny made peace after Dad have mausoleum sex with his son’s lover, Ava.

And those examples are just for starters!

“Michael, I know you’re there. Pick up.”

But Michael’s plan of revenge has an even bigger flaw than that he will eventually regret lashing out at his pop. If Michael succeeds, not only he but Willow and Wiley are going to be in the kind of grave danger that comes with being a Mob boss.

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Granted, being the son of a Mob boss is no walk in the park, either. But if Michael actually usurped Sonny’s territory, he wouldn’t just be on the sidelines of any future Mafia dust-up, he’d be on the frontlines. What’s more, Willow and Wiley would be targets. Any criminal who wanted Michael to bend to their will would see them as ideal leverage to use against the neophyte don.

Would Willow even stick around to be used as a pawn in future Mob wars? On your way to the comments to weigh in…

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