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Friendship really is magic!

Nikolas and Sonny may be butting heads big time on General Hospital, but in real life, it’s clear that Marcus Coloma and Maurice Benard couldn’t be better buddies! Check in on their social media feeds on pretty much any day of the week and you’ll find plenty of cheeky banter, friendly digs, and amusing photos.

But in our humble opinion, one of Coloma’s most recent Instagram posts really takes the cake!

In it, the actor picks up an angry Benard who stares him down in the car, glares at him as they get coffee and eyes him threateningly as they have a drink at the mall. There has never been a mouth wipe that’s look as frightening as the one Benard breaks out! We’re almost afraid for Coloma, but don’t worry, he tells us exactly where this is going.

Only Nikolas Cassadine could lift Sonny Corinthos’ spirits,” the actor wrote when he posted the video.

And indeed, as we keep watching, a miracle happens! Coloma takes his grumpy pal shopping, and the cloud that hangs over him slowly lifts. Benard tries on some clothes, checks out some shoes and soon he’s dancing in the aisle, smiling at his shopping buddy. And through it all, an oddly touching song called “Friends” plays. That choice is what elevates this from humor to pure art!

In short, the whole thing is hilarious. Give it a watch below!

The fans certainly got a kick out it! Marina Morris called it “the best video on the internet right now” — which is saying a lot in a world with cats staring their human families down as they knock things off shelves.

But, as Johnny Wactor (Brando) put it, “Haha, y’all are a riot!” And he should know, seeing as how he’s shared plenty of social media shenanigans with Coloma!

As quite a few fans said, we can’t wait for more!

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