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This game-changer could turn Port Charles upside down! 

When General Hospital‘s Mac and Felicia started talking — though not to each other — about the possibility of having another baby, we’ll admit to having rolled our eyes… hard. But suddenly, we’re starting to think that they could wind up dealing with a whole different kind of parental drama, as it’s beginning to look an awful lot like Felicia is the much-discussed, never-named mother of Esme!

Call us crazy, but the episode which aired on May 12 dropped so many hints that we spent the hour ducking in order to avoid being conked on the head!

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“Who’s your daddy?” is no longer the question. And we may no longer have to wonder about Esme’s mom, either!

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While visiting with her pretending-to-be-trapped-in-his-body daddy, Esme made it clear that she’d sacrifice Ryan in a heartbeat if it meant protecting herself. “You remind me of your mother,” the psychopath admitted. “I learned early on never to turn my back on her. I’m glad to see you’ve inherited her instinct for self-preservation.”

Longtime viewers will remember that years ago, Felicia was involved with Ryan, who at the time was using the name Todd Wilson. Upon discovering his true identity — and watching Ryan stab his then-wife — Felicia was eventually taken hostage by the madman, escaping only after she managed to stab him in self-defense. The soap even went so far as to show a flashback to the 1992 moment in which a terrified Felicia picked up a knife and attacked Ryan.

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Mac and Felicia could be in for the mother of all surprises!

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The show cut directly from Ryan vowing to make everyone pay to Felicia admitting to seeing a bit of herself in Nina, saying that while there might always be a choice, on occasion, neither option is a good one. Might she have been speaking of the decision to give away a child conceived not in love but as an act of violence at the hands of Kevin’s evil twin?

Should this prove to be the case, the fallout would impact numerous lives. How would Felicia feel if she learned that her child had been raised by her twisted father? And how would the eventual reveal of Esme’s role in the sex-tape scandal impact the longtime friendship between Felicia and Laura, the grandmother of one of Esme’s victims? Would Felicia feel a need to try and protect — and perhaps reform — Esme, in much the same way that Nina wishes she’d done with Nelle?

And lurking in the background is the very real threat of Esme’s father, Ryan, who might well take desperate measures in an attempt to reunite the family he no doubt dreamed of having with Felicia and their daughter!

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