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We’ll be keeping both of them in our thoughts!

It’s pretty safe to say that General Hospital‘s Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) doesn’t just love her sweet dog, Whiskey, she downright adores him. While he makes more than his fair share of appearances on her social media, the pup also has his own Instagram account — run by mom, natch!

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They go on road trips together, celebrate everything from Halloween to Christmas and celebrate more than a few days at the beach! In short, they’re adorably inseparable.

A couple weeks back, though, Thiebaud shared on Whiskey’s Instagram that he was “in some pain right now.”

It wasn’t clear exactly what was wrong, but she was hoping a few more tests might confirm whether or not he had “a ligament and need an orthopedic surgery called TPLO. We’re getting a CT scan tomorrow. Please keep Mr. Whiskers in your thoughts and prayers.”

Thiebaud’s (and Whiskey’s) fans did just that, chiming in with words of support. And more than a few dog parents also opened up to admit that when it comes to their canine family, they’re usually more of a wreck when something goes wrong than the pups themselves! Right now, it’s clear that Britt’s portrayer very much understands that sentiment.

Today, Thiebaud and Whiskey shared an update as they headed back to the doctor. She didn’t confirm that the return trip was for a torn ligament, but she did write that, “My lil’ angel is heading into surgery today.”

And like any parent, whether of a four-legged-family child or their two-legged kid, she’s naturally “feeling worried and emotional about it all, but he’s in great hands with Dr. Schulman. Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! So many squirrels waiting to be chased by you, my Whiskey.”

Poor Whiskey’s birthday is coming up in June, so with any luck, he and those squirrels will be back to getting a workout by then.

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Again, their fans showed up with an outpouring of thoughts, prayers, hugs and love.

We here at will add our own. Good luck, Whiskey! We’re eagerly waiting to hear how you did, but we’re sure you’ll be up, running and feeling so much better again in no time. It’ll be like this never happened!

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