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The trouble is, doing that one thing is going to just about kill her!

General Hospital has often put a whole lotta power in Carly’s hands. But this time, even she may not realize the scope of what she could do with the information she possesses. Follow along now…

We know that the estranged Mrs. Corinthos has said that she’s done with Sonny, but we’ve also heard her sing that song a million times before. So it might interest her on some level to realize that if she just reveals that Willow is Nina’s daughter, she could start a series of dominoes tumbling that would ultimately reunite her whole family.

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“Me? Holding all the cards? I like the sound of that.”

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How would that work, exactly?

Nina, reluctant to cause trouble in her long-lost child’s relationship with Michael, would gently end her romance with Sonny. This wouldn’t erase his sins of the past, as far as Carly’s concerned, but it might enable her to look at him without rage boiling up inside of her. One thing would lead to another, Carly and Sonny would remember that, at the end of the day, they love one another, and boom! “CarSon” would reunite.

In turn, Michael could watch his parents gravitate back toward each other, and as he’s doing so, soften toward his father. After all, if Carly could forgive him for choosing Nina over their family, shouldn’t Michael be able to?

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“A drink always helps when you’ve got a bitter pill to swallow.”

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There’s just one problem.

Carly loathes Nina with a fiery passion. And after Nina allowed Carly to grieve Sonny for all those months, then took a wrecking ball to her life, the last thing she wants to do is give her nemesis the thing in the world that she most desires: her daughter.

What do you think? Can Carly convince herself to reveal Nina and Willow’s connection? On your way to the comments…

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