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“Your desire to grow takes my breath away.”

When last we saw General Hospital‘s Brenda back in 2013, Sonny had turned down a last-minute offer to run off with her, so she left to return to her son in Rome, never to be seen again — at least so far! And when Vanessa Marcil left the show, she too was returning to her son, Kassius, who was only 11 at the time. But time passes, and if Brenda ever returns to Port Charles, we have a feeling her son would be a full-grown adult!

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Kassius, of course, hasn’t needed any SORASing (soap opera rapid aging syndrome) to grow. That’s come naturally. These days, he’s no longer a child, but a man, and Marcil loves him just as fiercely as she ever has.

So, when her son celebrated his five-year anniversary (which, for the record, is longer than Brenda and Sonny tend to last) with his boyfriend, Ian, Marcil was there with a touching Instagram post of the two of them hugging before the ocean, and words of love for them both.

“For at the end of your life, you will remember me,” she wrote, “and you will say, ‘She was right, everything did turn out ok.’ Happy 5th anniversary to my favorite men. I will protect you until the end of all time.”

A mother’s work protecting her kids is never done, no matter how old they get, and the fact that Marcil’s love extends to her son’s beau speaks volumes of the kindness and care that she has to give.

It makes us wonder in the best possible way what she’d be like in an honest, heartfelt conversation — and we’re not alone. Maurice Benard has been trying for some time, he shared recently, to convince her to join him on State of Mind, but she’s turned him down. He hasn’t given up, though! And we have a feeling Marcil would have plenty to say, about her own life, and about her wonderful love for her son.

In the meantime, as we wait for either (or both!) Brenda’s return to General Hospital or Marcil’s appearance on State of Mind, we’ll happily join in to wish Kassius and Ian a happy anniversary as well!

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