Carly prepares to tell Willow the truth GH
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Secrets come out to play this week in Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of May 2 – 6, Harmony survives, but her fate is unknown. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video…Before celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Star Wars fans in Port Charles gear up for their holiday as Britt tells TJ, “May the 4th be with you.”

Brook Lynn shows up with two lightsabers at Finn’s place, where Chase and Violet appear to be having a princess party. However the two soon enter an epic lightsaber duel.

Elsewhere, as they prepare for their hearing, Scott tells Nina that it’s going to be an all-out war. Sonny looks pensive as he nods his head, and we wonder given Michael has disowned his father, whose side Sonny will take when Scott calls him to the stand as planned?

As the announcer notes Secrets come out to play, Sasha breaks down in Brando’s arms. Last week Sasha was caught popping pills by a sleazy photographer, and Gladys stole the memory card out of his camera. Knowing something had Sasha rattled, Gladys left the hospital after Harmony’s accident with the card in hand. Will she look at it and discover what Sasha’s secret is?

Finally, with Michael by her side, Willow asks Carly to just tell her. Carly is also shown whispering to a still alive Harmony that Willow deserves to know the truth. Will Carly be the one to tell Willow the truth about her mother, or will Harmony do it herself?

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Video: General Hospital/YouTube