GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Inga Cadranel as Harmony Miller. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

Kinda hard to come back from killing not one but two people and trying for a third, eh?

What’s bleaker than bleak? Whatever it is, that’s how things are looking on General Hospital for Harmony. Not only did Carly learn that the former Dawn of Day cultist isn’t Willow’s biological mother, Alexis figured out that Harmony murdered Neil and learned that she also killed his brother, Brendan.

We’re not done.

What’s more, Alexis caught Harmony trying to set up a terrible “accident” to do away with Carly. Now, Harmony can’t let either of them go. (Read the full recap.) But where could she herself go from here? Her body count rising, it would seem like she’s fast approaching the end of the line.

But it ain’t necessarily so.

Keep in mind that General Hospital has managed to keep on its canvas all manner of murderers and thieves. A brain tumor gave a pass to onetime serial killer Franco. All of Port Charles has just kinda let drop the fact that Ava shot Connie Falconeri in cold blood. Sam’s past is as checkered as a picnic blanket. Carly ordered the hit that almost took out Olivia instead of her intended target. And let’s not forget that the show’s antihero, Sonny, is a career criminal whose “coffee-importing business” often involves shootouts and turf wars.

Plus, even if Harmony is made to pay for her crimes, there’s no reason that we couldn’t follow her to prison, as we have in the past. That way, we could still get the explosive confrontations that are sure to come when Willow and Nina learn that she kept them apart all these years.

What do you think? Is Harmony going over that cliff? Or will the soap find a way to keep the wonderful Inga Cadranel around? En route to the comments…

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