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Emotions reach the breaking point for many in Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of April 25 – 29, Sasha reaches her breaking point. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After realizing Harmony knew more about Nina than she was letting on, Carly went to Alexis’ place, only to find Harmony burning something in the fireplace. This week she discovers it was Neil’s files she was trying to destroy, putting her one step closer to figuring out Harmony’s secret. Unfortunately, Harmony can’t let that happen and is prepared to take care of Carly!

Smoltz is once again pushing buttons with his style of reporting, and this time it’s Brando who wants to slug the journalist as Michael keeps him from doing so. Could it have something to do with Sasha? Because elsewhere, she breaks down in front of Gladys and cries she can’t take it anymore.

Esme’s been toying with Nikolas for weeks now, but even she is shocked to see the Cassadine in him come out when he angrily flips a table that has been set for a romantic dinner for two. It looks like Ava’s given him the cold shoulder again.

After reading Marshall’s sealed police record, Curtis learned from Trina that his father was on the pier about to leave town. Curtis confronted his dad before he could flee Port Charles and knows what he’s been hiding. An angry Marshall tells Curtis the real mistake was coming back.

Finally, Michael reaches his breaking point with Sonny and tells his father he doesn’t want to see him anymore!

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