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And it’s neither the sparks that initially flew nor the feelings that lingered.

During a live State of Mind Q&A session on April 24, General Hospital legend Maurice Benard marveled anew that the Sonny/Mike storyline had been “like an uproar” among viewers.

The actor hadn’t wanted to play the plot, either, he added. But he’d had — and had asked for — no say in what went on. “A lot of times, when I’ve had that in the past, it doesn’t work out,” he admitted, “and then I’m to blame.”

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This time, Benard just wanted to go on the journey, even though he was so sure that it would take his character nowhere that he warned leading lady Cynthia Watros (Nina) early on, “This is probably not gonna work, but let’s just have fun.”

At the time, his fellow Emmy winner had given him a look in response, he recalled. A knowing one, perhaps, because at this point, although Sonny and Carly will always have a legion of fans — Benard among them — Sonny and Nina have also won over a significant portion of the audience.

The soap vet acknowledged that it was “not cool at all” for Sonny to go to bed with Nina, “but that’s what happens in the story. I don’t feel anywhere in the story that something’s not really justified” — “maybe not to the Carly/Sonny fans, I understand,” but in general.

The writers have “done a really good job of connecting the dots.” And if viewers don’t like that at least for the moment Sonny and Carly are apart, hey, “that’s just the way it works in Soap Land. Luke and Laura weren’t together forever. Sonny and Brenda weren’t together forever. Carly and Sonny were together for 10 years, if I’m not mistaken.”

That’s a pretty good run, especially in Soap Land.

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If there is one plot point on which Benard gets stuck, it’s the fact that Sonny’s amnesiac alter ego never endeavored to find out if anyone was out there missing him. Yeah, “there is a thing of Mike never wanted to look for his family. I can’t argue that one,” he said. “I think he probably could’ve looked or wanted to look more so.”

Benard justified that twist of plot by theorizing that “Mike” was experiencing such a state of peacefulness in his life that “maybe he didn’t want to see what the other side is.”

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