Cameron Mathison, Vanessa Arevalo drew jpi wife
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“Today’s the day!!”

We first reported last week that Cameron Mathison’s wife, Vanessa, would be making her acting debut on General Hospital as an executive coach named Mia who would be meeting with Drew. Well, the day has finally come, and an excited Mathison took to Instagram to let folks know it was time to tune in!

“Vanessa will be acting for her very first time,” he wrote, “with me on General Hospital! I hope you check it out and show her some love.”

Oh, we’ve no doubt there will be plenty of love to go around for “Mia!” Mathison then went on to thank his General Hospital boss for making the whole thing possible — taking a tongue-in-cheek dig at himself while he was at it!

“I have to say,” he continued, “Frank Valentini made the character of Drew a reality for me, and now he has made Vanessa’s dream come true as well. Vanessa has been a GH fan her whole life! When I met her, I was Ryan on All My Children, and she had no idea who I was… she only watched GH (yes, especially you, Jack Wagner).”

Mathison chronicled nearly every aspect of Vanessa’s day, from getting ready in hair and makeup, to walking on set to that rush of adrenaline after nailing her scenes!

“How was it?” he asked in the video as she walks up, shaking her fists in joy.

“Oh my God,” Vanessa replied. “It’s so amazing, so surreal, so exciting! I can’t believe it!”

Mathison then quipped that he’d no longer be the biggest soap star in the family.

As fellow All My Children vet Colin Egglesfield (Josh) put it, “Awesome! Congratulations, Vanessa!”

“Thank you Frank,” Mathison concluded, “and thank you to every single cast and crew that was so kind to Vanessa on her big day. I love you guys.”

It really was, as Finola Hughes (Anna) put it, “a lovely, beautiful thing to do.”

So, who’s going to be tuning in for the big moment? We certainly are! It’s not every day a soap star is born.

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