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Could forbidden fruit prove impossible to resist? 

If the vast majority of General Hospital fans agree on one thing, it’s that they want to see Spencer dump Esme. And although Spencer is now secretly trying to prove Trina wasn’t responsible for the sex tape fiasco, his actions may prove to be too little, too late… especially if new-cop-on-the-block Rory is as into her as we think he is!

Even as all of this is happening, however, we couldn’t help but wonder if there’s something going on at Spoon Island that’s even more shocking than all of Esme’s antics combined. Because while Spencer has made no bones about the fact that he wishes his father was with anyone but Ava, every soap viewer knows that the line between love and hate is notoriously thing. Could Spencer, on some level, have a yen for his dad’s wife?

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“Next time you really wanna tick off my dad, let me know.”

Credit: ABC screenshot

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“Oh, I definitely think there might be some underlying sexual attraction between Spencer and Ava,” acknowledges his portrayer, Nicholas Alexander Chavez. “I think it was Alec Baldwin who said that whenever he is on screen with someone of the opposite sex, he makes a point to look at them like a piece of chocolate cake. It accentuates the fact that whenever you’re talking with the opposite sex, there’s always the possibility of other emotions being at play, even if they’re buried deep, deep, deep within your subconscious.”

Already, Ava and Spencer have an extremely complicated relationship. “He blames her, rightly or wrongly, for the issues he has with his father,” reminds Chavez. “In his mind, Nikolas made a decision between Ava and his son. And of course, Spencer believes his dad made the wrong choice.”

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Certainly Ava’s affair with Sonny’s late son, Morgan, proved that she’s not exactly immune to the charms of a younger man. As for Spencer… well, that’s a bit more complicated. “Spencer grew up without a mother,” says Chavez, “and Ava is a mother figure, albeit a bad stepmother in his eyes. I mean, there’s a lot of Freudian psychology that comes into play there, but it’s not difficult to imagine there being something there.”

Believe it or not, an Ava/Spencer hookup wouldn’t be all that shocking considering some past Cassadine affairs, as illustrated in this look at the clan’s twisted family tree. You can also revisit Ava’s litany of sins in the brand-new photo gallery below.