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It’s a coupling that, in a way, was more than a decade in the making.

When a General Hospital fan recently tweeted that she was looking forward to some Carly/Drew scenes soon, Laura Wright replied that “they’re coming.” They oughta be pretty good, too, considering that another follower’s suggestion that “Darly” could be the soap’s next supercouple got a response of “Ha, yeah, baby!” from the Emmy winner.

Not every viewer is sold on the pairing, however. “CarSon” ‘shippers will never give up on a reunion between Carly and Sonny. “Jarly” supporters still hope that Jason is only as “dead” as half the other characters on the canvas. One viewer wanted Carly to switch love interests with Elizabeth and date Finn. And another asked, “Why can’t she be on her own without a man? Just for a few months.”

“No man? I’ll smack that idea right outta your head.”

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Good question, one to which we don’t have an answer. What we do know, on the other hand, is that a Carly/Drew pairing probably became inevitable once All My Children vet Cameron Mathison (Ryan) took over for Billy Miller.

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Carly, of course, has her own past with Jason’s twin. You’ll recall that sparks flew back when we all thought that he was his brother. See below: sparks.


But Wright and Mathison’s connection goes back even further, to the 2010 “What If” campaign launched before an exec who shall not be named decimated ABC Daytime. (You can read that horrific story here.) In one clip, the actors were paired as their General Hospital and All My Children characters, respectively. And it was hella cute as Carly taught Ryan how to unleash his inner bad boy. (Watch below.)

While the jury debates whether “Darly” really is the next big General Hospital supercouple, check out photos below of some pairings that never quite worked, no matter how hard their shows tried to make ’em.

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