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It’s a small world after all…

The birds are chirping, the trees are blossoming, the air is shimmering with sun and some much-missed warmth. In short, it’s a beautiful time for a bit of a spring break. General Hospital‘s Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) took the opportunity to head over to Venice with her beau and share some gorgeous photos on Instagram.

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“Best morning ever,” she captioned the pics of tasty Italian coffee, beautiful architecture and romantic fountain-side kisses.

Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) must have figured it was the perfect time for a trip as well, so she also headed overseas… to the same country. And the same city. So was it really all that out of the ordinary that she ran into someone very familiar? It was if they didn’t know they were planning the same trip!

“Ran into a friendly face in Italy,” Thiebaud exclaimed in an Instagram post. “What a beautiful surprise!”

Britt’s portrayer was clearly floored by the encounter, and the tale of how they almost literally ran into each other is even more bizarre!

“You guys so had to have known you were gonna be there at the same time,” fan Stacy Sachs responded, “c’mon now.”

“We didn’t,” Thiebaud insisted. “I knew she was in Italy, but I didn’t know she was in the same city as me and we literally walked right by each other.”

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Coincidence or destiny? The world is a funny place sometimes, and we never know who we’re going to run into out there!

“Made my day,” MacMullen exclaimed.

Even the ladies’ co-stars had to double check that they didn’t know they were taking the same vacation! Thiebaud’s on-screen bestie Parry Shen (Brad) was certainly taken aback, asking, “Wait. This wasn’t planned?!”

“No way!” was about all Cameron Mathison (Drew) could manage with a slew of exclamation points. Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix), meanwhile, dropped a dumbfounded, “Whaaa?! Hi ladies!”

Kathleen Gati, on the other hand, took it all in stride, but then what would we expect from Obrecht herself? “Mommy #2 says to have fun,” she gamely responded.

And Young & Restless‘ Phyllis and General Hospital‘s former Nina, Michelle Stafford, just announced that the ladies were “Two people I looooove!”

We’re right there with you!

But William deVry (ex-Julian) perhaps said it best: “Weird.”

Yup, that about sums it up!

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