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“Come on, every actor works as a barman, a cabman, drives a cab…”

Tristan Rogers (Robert) had taken an interesting journey before landing his first daytime role on General Hospital and shared a few of his detours during an interview on Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) State of Mind. Rogers gave a glimpse into his childhood, which was very good, and reflected on what led him to becoming an actor.

Back then, the area where they lived was considered to be very bad. “Nowadays, that area, you couldn’t get an outhouse for less than $3 million dollars,” Rogers shared. After his parents saved, the family bought a house in a new development, where the actor started a whole new life. He left school in 1964 and “goosed around for about two years and basically pissed [his] parents off” then he and some friends started a rock band. It wasn’t long before, at 21 years old, he realized they couldn’t make any real money so Rogers started doing commercials and some modeling work — and made good money.

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When he decided he wanted to start acting, without any acting classes under his belt, Rogers had no idea what the ramifications of that would be and about to commitment you had to make. “As far as I was concerned, it was a way to make a bit of money. That’s all.” His first audition was in a lobby, while a janitor mopped, and he started doing under-five roles. When he learned about a new cop series in Sydney, he moved and landed the part as a detective on The Link Men. From there he went to London, reconnected with his former producer and landed his next role on Paul Temple, without an audition, which was a huge success and really was his “start in the industry.”

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So, what came next? In 1972, Rogers worked at a discotech and joked, “Come on, every actor works as a barman, a cabman, drives a cab.” However, when the disc jockey didn’t turn up on New Year’s Eve, Rogers volunteered then froze in front of a full house — until he figured it out and realized, “This is fun.” After buying a guy’s equipment and music, he got hired at a club in London.

When that didn’t pan out, Rogers consulted on commercial radio, which led to a memorable moment getting to see Elton John and Kiki Dee headline a show. But then Rogers’ visa ran out and he was forced to leave the country.

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Listen as he explains how it all went down but be aware, Rogers is a tell-it-like-it-is guy, which means a bit of salty language!

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