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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

We can feel the pride from both dads already.

The last few weeks have been intense for soap vet Tyler Christopher. His interview with his former General Hospital co-star Maurice Benard (Sonny) for State of Mind was honest and vulnerable and it helped his fans better understand Nikolas’ original portrayer and all he’s been through on his road to recovery and healing. On top of that, it earned him scores of praise and thanks from those who watched and those who felt a little less alone in their own struggles with alcohol.

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One person, though, who Christopher didn’t really didn’t connect with much after it, though, was his dad, but that all changed last weekend when the actor shared a touching Instagram post.

“Having coffee with my father was a highlight of my weekend,” a grateful Christopher shared. “I had not seen my father since leaving Ohio last June and we hadn’t really talked since my State of Mind interview. He, and his wife Sandy, welcomed me with open arms and a hot cup of coffee. Hard to explain how much that meant to me but it set the tone for what turned out to be a wonderful weekend of growth.”

The family resemblance was hard to miss, especially when the smiling father and son broke out their glasses!

“So very, very happy for you brother,” Benard responded. “Every day is a blessing.”

Connecting with our parents isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to some of life’s most difficult moments. That, though, is usually when it’s most the most important. And that’s why it was also heartwarming to see that Christopher’s own relationship with his son is as strong as ever.

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The proud dad shared an Instagram post a couple days before his weekend reconnection, gushing over his son’s theatrical achievement.

“Overwhelmed with pride after seeing my son, Greysun, on stage as Nigel in the production of Matilda,” Christopher declared. “He has that special something that attracts all eyes to him on stage and reveled in the spotlight. Beautiful night and grateful to have been there.”

Sounds like he takes quite a bit after his talented dad.

If there’s any doubt as to how far the beloved General Hospital actor has been turning his life around, we need look no further than the family moments above.

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