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Daytime Emmy award-winning actor opens up about his character’s Port Charles first love interest.

General Hospital vet Tristan Rogers (Robert) recently sat down with his co-star Maurice Benard (Sonny) for a “different” State of Mind interview, more storytelling, “more of a fun” discussion. And boy did we learn some neat facts along the way…

Thinking back to the beginning to when he started on the ABC soap in 1981, his character didn’t have a love interest — not until Laura (Genie Francis). Laura had broken up with Luke and began seeing Robert, but Rogers wasn’t truly aware that they were quickly becoming a popular item with fans.

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Gloria Monty, the soap’s producer, had asked Rogers what he thought about their growing popularity but he didn’t think Robert and Laura would work — they were total opposites. There was only one way the actor thought it would be even possible for the couple to make sense. He’d told Monty that she would have had to change the character of Laura before they could change Robert or it would never work.

After hearing his suggestion, Rogers explained, “She looked at me and it was never mentioned again. That was going to be her Plan B.” He clarified that Monty liked to have a Plan A, B and C and continued, “Geary was the A Plan.” And years later, Jack Wagner (Frisco) was revealed to be her C Plan. Hear more about those plans in the video segment:

As Young & Restless fans know, Rogers and Francis went on to play divorced couple Colin and Genevieve Atkinson, as seen in the photo above.

Were you watching back when Robert and Laura were an item — even for a little while? If not, would you have liked to have seen how a whirlwind romance between the two would have played out? At least Young & Restless fans were able to see them as a couple, as pictured above, playing Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Before you go, take a look back at Rogers’ run as Robert in our photo gallery below.

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