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The actress sure knows how to, ahem, make waves.

Emme Rylan could shave off all her locks and still look as lovely as a summer sunrise. She could rock Pippi Longstocking braids or a Swing Out Sister bob. But recently, she gave her Instagram followers three different choices of hairstyles from which they could pick their favorite.

“Are you Team Wavy or Team Straight? Orrrrr Team Sloppy Top Knot?” she asked, noting that that last choice was “not pictured because let’s be real, you basically only see my hair in a ball on top of my head.”


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As fans weighed in, one remarked that they were “Team Let’s Wake Up Lulu.” Others seconded that emotion, commenting that they wanted to see General Hospital bring Rylan’s heroine out of the coma in which she’s been playing Sleeping Beauty since shortly after the bombing at the Floating Rib. And it would seem to be a pretty excellent time for Lulu to come back to both life and Port Charles.

sam dante GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “14836” - “General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin)DOMINIC ZAMPROGNA, KELLY MONACO

What’s “Sante” looking at? The writing on the wall?

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Just this week, her ex Dante hit a bit of a speed bump in his new relationship with Sam, one that might be a harbinger of a future split. (Get the deets on that here.) Plus, we all know that there was a lot of unfinished business between the Falconeris when that blast blew up their chance at a reunion.

Rylan, who you may recall moved to St. Louis with her family in 2021, said at the time that she was not at all giving up acting. She planned to audition via tape — common practice nowadays — and fly back to L.A. whenever she needed to. (Read her full statement here.) So a return as Lulu is possible, should the powers that be want to give her that wake-up call.

While you contemplate whether you’re Team Wavy or Straight, check out the below photo gallery of soap stars’ massive makeovers.