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All you have to do is take a quick glance at Maurice Benard’s social media and its clear that the General Hospital star is overflowing with love for his kids. And with three daughters and a son, Sonny’s portrayer has a lot of love to give!

On this special day, though, we’re celebrating the actor’s youngest daughter, Cassidy, as she was born 24 years ago on April 18, 1999. Compassionate and caring, she’s an animal lover just like her dad, and it’s not hard to see why the two get along so great — even when he’s serenading her in one-sided “duets!”

“I love my baby girl more than she knows,” Benard shared on her birthday last year. “I actually marvel and admire her sweet soul.” And once you go through the posts he’s shared of Cassidy over the years, you’ll see exactly what he means.

As Good as It Gets

Back in 2013, the proud dad shared a photo of a then-13-year-old Cassidy and 8-year-old Joshua on what looked like a beautiful sunny day. “My youngest girl,” he wrote, “and my boy and the old man. Nothing better.” Can’t argue with that loving logic.

Vegas Vacation

Benard headed for a little R&R with the family after what sounds like a chilly shoot and got to spend some quality time with his youngest daughter. “A lot more comfortable in the water in Vegas than it was in the chilling ocean in Bodega Bay shooting The Ghost and the Whale,” he shared.

Luckiest Man Alive

Benard said it all for this 2014 family photo on Father’s Day. “I love my family,” he wrote. “I don’t know what I’d do without their support. I think every father is a lucky man. Happy Father’s Day.”

Dino Disaster

Cassidy and sister Heather joined Benard and Chad Duell (Michael) for Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios. And, well, it looks like the boys enjoyed themselves more than the ladies did! “Sonny and Michael taking a ride on the wild side,” Cassidy’s dad wrote as she kept her eyes shut tight for the plunge!

Sweet Seventeen

Rather than a birthday cake, it looks like Cassidy got an utterly delicious fruit arrangement for her birthday. “I’m so happy to spend time with my family and my beautiful daughter on her 17th birthday,” Benard wrote.

Beach Day

Dad spent some time with his two youngest again at Beacon’s Beach. They were a bit more grown up from where we first met them three years earlier, but still his babies. “Love spending time with my family,” he wrote.

Strawberry Festival

This time it was Cassidy who shared a post on Instagram, while her touched dad shared it. “Love you, dad,” she wrote while showing off one sweet stuffed fair prize with her pop!

So Happy Together

This 2016 photo is a winner in our book for giving us something a bit different from the smiling glitz and glamour of Instagram! “Me and my daughter just being happy together,” he joked as they gave their best sneers for the camera.

So Happy Together: Take Two

OK, OK, let’s get back to some genuine joy as Cassidy joined her sisters, Heather and Cailey, for a pic after spending the day in the happiest place on earth! “Another successful day at Disneyland,” Benard wrote.

Portrait of a Family

This family photo practically approached high art as the kids spent “a day at work with their Daddy by Momma Paula.” Between Benard’s lounging in his priest frock, Joshua’s game playing and Cassidy’s phone scrolling, we were getting definite Renaissance art vibes here!

Eat Your Heart Out, Charlie

Just before the 2018 New Year, Benard introduced us to his “angels” in a series of posts. “Spending time with Maurice’s angels,” Benard wrote. “This is my youngest girl, Cassidy.” No word yet on how many crimes they’ve stopped, but if they’re anything like the General Hospital actor, we’d guess they can definitely handle themselves!


Don’t worry, you didn’t get conked on the head, you really are seeing two pics! It’s not every day you move into a new house, so why not get as many photos as you can? “Double vision,” dad wrote, “me and my baby daughter in our new home.”

Light In the Darkness

In 2018, Benard lost his beloved pup Cain just before Cassidy’s birthday. The timing could have ruined the day, but instead, the actor’s love for his daughter carried him through. “What a difference a day makes,” he wrote. “If my dog Cain was a homerun, my baby girl Cassidy is a grand slam.”

Christmas Cheer

Cassidy joined a decent chunk of the family — little brother Joshua, mom Paula and Benard — for the General Hospital Christmas party. And the actor’s “familia” were, indeed, “looking mighty slick” at the shindig!

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

When the family took a trip down to Graceland, Benard couldn’t help but see a few parallels between himself, his daughter and the King! “Elvis Presley had his daughter, Lisa Marie,” he wrote. “I’m with my daughter, Cassidy Rose, hanging out in his TV room.” We definitely see the similarities!

Young Love

Benard celebrated Memorial Day in 2019 with Cassidy and her beau. “Anthony, I’ve heard what it takes to go through Boot Camp and you did it with flying colors,” he shared. “The love you and my daughter Cassidy have is beautiful to watch.” And it’s obvious just from seeing how these two look at each other. 

Animal Lover

Benard couldn’t have been more proud and full of love on his daughter’s 21st birthday. Not just for the woman she’d become, but also for the good she does in the world. “My baby girl is truly a miniature Paula,” he shared. “Your beauty is undeniable, your heart is immeasurable. I don’t even know if you know the amount of love that I have for you.”

Puppy Love

A Pomeranian in a bowtie?! Or is that scarf? Either way, does it get any cuter?? “I call this picture (Pure Joy),” Benard wrote of the pup and the actor’s “beautiful daughter.” And seeing the smile on Cassidy’s face, it’s not hard to see why!


Cassidy continued the animal-loving tradition for last year’s birthday. “There’s nothing I love more than to see my son Joshua and his sister Cassidy at the zoo celebrating her birthday,” the happy dad wrote. “It melts my heart.” Same!

A Solo Duet, Take Two

Where better to embarrass your kids than Disneyland? “What are you…” Cassidy asked, eying her dad out of the corner of her eye as he began wordlessly singing along to The Mickey Mouse Club song. “One thing she loves is when I sing her Disney songs,” Benard joked. “I’m really great in knowing all the words.” Clearly!

World’s Best Aunt

Cassidy helped her niece get a little closer to the tiger action at the zoo back in March when Benard was “hanging out with my girls!” Granted, one thing we didn’t see were tigers, but that kiss Aunt Cassidy plants on little Tiana’s cheek at the end is one of the sweetest things we have seen!

A Birthday Miracle

“To get my daughter to be on camera is a miracle,” Benard shared on Cassidy’s 23rd birthday. “Cassidy has a sweet nature, I truly don’t believe she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She is the epitome of beautiful inside and out.”

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