Nina fills Sonny in GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Sonny could be leaving himself extremely vulnerable!

It’s safe to say that General Hospital‘s Sonny has a whole lot on his plate right now. While that’s pretty much always been true, it’s become even more so since he returned from Nixon Falls late last year. First he found Jason and Carly on the verge of consummating their new marriage. Then, in quick order, Jason died (again), Sonny spiraled after going off his meds and wound up between the sheets with Nina.

Is it any wonder he might have taken the eye of the prize when it comes to running his business? And while there’s been talk for months about a West Coast family looking to expand into Sonny’s territory, we can’t help suspecting there may be a threat brewing much closer to home. Worse, he might even be throwing open the door to said interloper.

selina wu and sonny gh

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We’re speaking, of course, about Selina Wu. Brad’s smart, strong, and very fashionable aunt just might be the perfect candidate to quietly take over Port Charles.

On the surface, Selina plays by the rules and is respectful to her peers, including Sonny. Unlike others who’ve challenged Sonny, she doesn’t announce her intentions. Instead, she simply moves her pieces quietly into place. She gathers intel on friends and enemies alike and leverages that information to get people to do her bidding. (Right, Britt?) She prefers to go in with a respectable offer when making a deal. If the answer is no, Ms. Wu doesn’t resort to physical violence, she merely positions a rock and a hard place on either side of her target.

Most recently, Selina has been working to install a high-stakes gambling operation in Curtis’s club, The Savoy. Of course, her first move was to make sure that Sonny was on board with the plan, sweetening the deal by offering him a portion of the proceeds.

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And while her actions seem completely legit — or at least as legit as the actions of a mob boss can be — Sonny might well be an unwitting pawn in a bigger game. After all, we’re slowly discovering that Selina has her fingers in pies we’d have sworn she didn’t even know were being baked. Surely, it’s not a coincidence that she’s not only a major investor in Deception but has been since first the company began. Could the cosmetics company be for Selina what Corinthos Coffee is for Sonny… a front behind which to hide less savory businesses?

Could Selina be laying the groundwork for an eventual Port Charles takeover? Has Sonny unwittingly left himself open to an attack from someone he believes to be, if not a friend, a compatriot?

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