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A fundamental difference between the lovers is about to make a pass through the spotlight.

General Hospital spoilers for the week reveal that Sam finds herself in a compromising position on Wednesday. Soap Opera Digest further reports that Dante catches her looking through his emails on his phone to read a forensic report on the sex-tape case. And while, on the surface, that doesn’t sound like a romantic deal-breaker, it does underscore a big problem for the couple: As MzZee put it after reading Friday’s Soapbox, “He’s a by-the-book cop, and she’s a con at heart.”

In other words, as a couple, they fundamentally don’t compute.

Dante comforts Sam GH

“Get me a calculator. We add up, I’m sure of it.”

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Dante doesn’t tend to bend the rules, except when it comes to turning a blind eye to pop Sonny’s “coffee-importing business.” On the other hand, Sam never met a rule that she wouldn’t break. Yes, now she uses her powers for good, but she’s got that grifter spirit. She gets what has to get done done, by any means necessary, and she always will.

So perhaps the show would be wise to bring the pairing to its inevitable conclusion sooner than later, moving Dante toward Maxie (in preparation for Lulu’s eventual awakening and return) and Sam toward Drew. There is, after all, a lot of unfinished business between the exes. And should they reconnect just as Carly decides she pushed him away a smidgen too hastily, an epic feud could be reunited.

“Now turn the other cheek, and I’ll smack that one, too.”

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What do you think? Are the differences between “Sante” what make them sizzle… or what guarantees that in the end, they’ll fizzle? En route to the comments…

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