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There’s at least one family that might not survive this news!

We’ve had a pretty good idea that this has been coming for some time now, but General Hospital finally confirmed our suspicions. Willow is, indeed, Nina’s daughter — and Nelle’s twin! And that just made things very, very messy.

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It might take some time before Willow starts thinking of Nina as “mom,” but this revelation is sure to set off waves of conflicted emotions and torn loyalties for her. Michael despises Nina. So does Carly, of course, but Willow’s not in love with her.

Willow’s long had a bit of a soft spot for Nina, even trying, months ago, to plot behind Michael’s back in order to convince him to allow Nina into Wiley’s life. Family should stick together. Of course, with this latest revelation, we guess technically Willow is now Wiley’s aunt…

In any case, we already know that Willow’s willing to do what she feels is right, whether or not Michael is behind it. And that was before she found out that she and Nina were mother and daughter. Does this mean that she’s going to be on team Nina/Sonny and tick Michael off that much? Not necessarily, but we can’t see her taking kindly to her beau having it out for her mom.

As if that tension isn’t enough, we’re sure Carly will be piling her own pressure on to Michael to make sure Willow doesn’t soften him towards Nina. Carly may have been supportive of her son and Willow before this, but finding out that the woman Michael loves is related to not just one, but two of her mortal enemies is sure to send her blood boiling!

Michael and Carly see Willow is upset

Willow might be about to learn the hard way what it’s like when Carly and Michael team up together.

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About the only member of Michael’s family who might actually react decently to the news is Sonny — and we already know he’s not exactly his son’s favorite person right now! In fact, if he’s too happy for Nina and her newfound daughter, that might just poison Michael towards Willow even more, even if he doesn’t consciously realize why. Worse, Sonny’s support could just push him even further away from his family!

Is there any way their relationship could survive? Maybe. Willow’s been doing a lot of yawning and talking about how tired she is lately. We have a feeling we could be looking down the barrel of a health crisis soon. Few things bring people closer together than the fear that they might lose each other forever.

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Then again, if Willow ends up needing a transplant or organ of some kind from a relative and Nelle comes back to save the day… that could just as easily be the last straw. She might come back and save her sis, but she’d make sure to do as much damage to Carly as she could in the process!

What do you think? Will this new revelation end up tearing the already fractured Corinthos family even further apart? Are Michael and Willow all but doomed now? Sound off below!

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