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Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

On April 2, 2021, a daytime star and his wife welcomed their first child.

We want to send out a big happy birthday to the sweet little girl of General Hospital’s Josh Swickard (Chase)! On Saturday, April 2, Savannah celebrated her very first birthday. The ABC soap star posted an adorable family photo, as well as one with his wife Lauren and their daughter, and cheered, “Happy birthday Savannah! It’s been an incredible year. You’re one!”

Join us as we take a look back at some of Savannah’s special moments leading up to the rest of her daddy’s first birthday message…

Daddy’s First Social Share

Two days after she was born, Swickard posted a photo with his wife and their new baby girl to express just how much she is loved then gave a shoutout to Lauren by saying, “And what an absolute boss your mama is.”

Taking a Stroll

The actor didn’t waste any time taking his girl “out for a stroll” while boosting up his energy with a snack.

A Day at the Beach

Being new parents didn’t stop the Swickards from having fun during a day at the beach and “getting out and enjoying life” together, which is his “favorite thing” to do.

First Father’s Day

Ever dad should be honored on Father’s Day, especially a new one, and while he looked into his baby girl’s eyes, Swickard shared, “An indescribable joy that I don’t take lightly.”

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Daddy-Daughter Date Night

One of our favorite shots of these two was from their “daddy-daughter date night” when Swickard and Savannah were “putting out the mood.” Adorable!

Halloween Shenanigans

While the daytime fave wished his followers a happy Halloween, he also gave them a peek into “all [the] monkey biz” going on at their house.

Caption This

Swickard posted a photo to close out 2021 and challenged fans by saying, “Best caption wins.” Everyone rushed to the comments with their captions — some suggested that Lauren was sanitizing the swing but from the look on her face, others wondered if there was a stinkier explanation for the task!

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First Birthday

Aside from calling “Sav” a rock star, Swickard expressed just how “blown away” he is by how smart and fun she is and shared, “I love continually getting to know you better. Your very beautiful mama and I thank God for entrusting us with you every day.”

So many precious moments already!

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