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“He is the hero you should never, ever meet, because you’ll be disappointed.”

Like many General Hospital viewers, Nicholas Alexander Chavez thinks Spencer should consider getting as far away from Esme as quickly as he possibly can. “Their relationship is a little bit difficult to justify, because she’s so insane,” he admits to with a laugh. And like us, the actor fully admits to being a fan of the Spencer/Trina pairing. “She’s definitely the better choice!”

So why has Nikolas’ son stuck by Esme for so long? “What I have to keep coming back to is the fact that he was alone at boarding school and thinking that his father was dead,” says the actor. “Esme was the only person he felt he could relate to. When you have a relationship that’s been forged out of such a deep place of pain, you tend to hang on to that with everything that you possibly can.”

Trina is through with Spencer

Even when the other person’s behavior is as awful as that of Esme? “Your mind and your soul will go through some really crazy gymnastics to justify being with someone who treats you terribly, because you’re bonded. It’s sad, but it is also 100 percent something that happens in real life.”

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Asked whether he ever wants to throttle his alter ego for choosing Esme over Trina, the rising star smiles broadly. “No,” he admits, “because I know more than you!”

Meanwhile, fans who want to see the actor in an entirely different light can check out his new movie, Crushed, which is currently streaming on Tubi. In it, he plays Jason Curtis, a high school hunk who is adored by all and definitely not all that he appears. “He’s the hero you should never, ever meet, because you’ll be disappointed,” warns Chavez. “He’s definitely an overhyped d-bag. He’s not nice to people, and he takes advantage of them. But there’s this perception around him that he’s an awesome guy who is larger than life.”

Despite that, the John Hughes-esque comedy finds classmate Kate majorly crushing on Jason… and it all builds to one of the most awkward kisses you’ll ever witness. “Bebe Wood and I had the goal of making it the grossest possible kiss,” he admits with a grin. “It was like, ‘If I can somehow kiss you and make no contact with your lips at any point, then we did the scene right.'”

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