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The actor’s even more of a family man than Sonny!

If there’s one thing that can be said about General Hospital‘s Maurice Benard, it’s that he absolutely adores his grandchildren. He’s rocked out with granddaughter Eloise to Ghostbusters and swept little grandbaby TT right off her feet. So for granddaughter TT’s second birthday, Benard shared a very special — and very adorable — post to his Instagram.

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“I can’t believe it is TT’s second birthday,” Benard wrote of daughter Cailey’s little one. “I so wish I could tell you this beautiful little girl’s story!!! But it really isn’t my story to tell, but I promise you one day you will learn how we had the privilege to have her in our lives.”

We’re sure it’s a story we’d love to hear, especially after getting to know TT a bit more. In the video that he shared, Benard explains a few important life lessons to her about goats, cleanliness and Sesame Street, and his granddaughter’s expressions are nothing short of hilarious.

“I’m sorry that I had to take you from the goats,” the actor gently tells little TT as she’s swaddled next to him as she resolutely refuses to look at him, “but you were touching the water, and you’re not supposed to touch the water, OK? So that’s why I gave you a shower, and now you’re in this blanket.”

TT glances up at him, looking thoroughly unimpressed with that explanation.

“So you can watch TV, but you can’t go to the goats, OK?” She looks up at him in exasperation and Benard can’t help but roll his eyes in imitation. “Is that OK? Or are you still mad at me?”

TT responds with what sounds like she understood that she can’t go to the water. The actor confirms that she’s right before asking if she wants to watch Sesame Street.

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“Because you’re not going to the goats,” he tells her firmly. And that gets the cutest little hoot of disappointment, followed by a few sniffles. “OK,” Benard nodded, “thank you.”

Check the whole amusingly adorable exchange below!

Does it really get any better than babies, goats and Sesame Street? We think not. Happy birthday, TT!

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