Heartbreak for Spinelli. (Soaps.com)

The opportunity for fans to spend four days with 19 soap stars is just over a month away, as the 2010 Soap Cruise will set sail from Miami on January 28.

I recently talked with General Hospital‘s Bradford Anderson about the event and of course got the scoop on what’s going on with his alter ego Spinelli.

Recalling his first Soap Cruise experience from the 2009 voyage, Bradford shared, “I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised in every arena. I was really impressed with the boat; Celebrity Cruises does a really nice job. I liked how the whole event was structured. We got a lot of great time to hang out with our viewers and there was no lack of interaction, but we’re not all just sitting around going, ‘What should we do next?’ It’s well structured in terms of fun events, but also, we all have enough time to enjoy being on a cruise and being with our friends or family, whoever you bring, so it’s a nice mix of interaction, you know, soap related interaction, and a good mix of also, ‘Hey we’re on a cruise. Let’s enjoy it for what it is.'”

The cruise allows the fans to have access to their favorite Daytime stars for four days straight, but being that accessible isn’t a problem for Bradford, as he put it into perspective recalling last year’s experience. “Everyone was really respectful, because not only are they there to see us, but for most of them, this is also their vacation. If you’re on a boat with a casino and pools and you’re in Key West and Cozumel, I mean I am not the most exciting thing that’s available to those people. I would like to think I add to the experience, but I think there are other things that could be enjoyed more than me.”

The many activities planned on the cruise ship include Q&As, Dancing with the Stars, karaoke, and cocktail parties, which Anderson mused he would be taking part in. “I’m pretty fair game for most things, so whatever they have in store for us, I’m not one to really shy away from much. I imagine I will be pretty involved in most, if not all, activities.”

Since his fiancée Kiera, who he is marrying April 10, is unable to go with Bradford this year, the actor will be bringing a high school friend who lives on the East Coast and who he doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with. He also indicated he might be found in the ship’s casino from time to time. “I really do like to gamble. I’m not a high stakes gambler by any means. I don’t get thrilled by the prospect of losing money, but I like the games. I learned how to play dice recently and I really enjoy that game. It’s fun.”

Aside from his buddy, Bradford anticipates hanging out with his fellow soap stars. “I haven’t looked at the list for this year, but I assume Christian LeBlanc (Michael, The Young and the Restless) is on it and Winsor Harmon (Thorne, The Bold and the Beautiful) and those guys who I was on it with last year. I look forward to seeing especially the CBS people because I don’t know them very well. I know a few of them because of these events I’ve been doing, but I get to spend more time with the ABC people and I’m excited to see any and all ABC friends, but it’s fun to meet other people in the community that I don’t run into on a regular basis.”

As for his character on General Hospital, Spinelli has hit a rough patch with Maxie (Kirsten Storms), after he learned she cheated on him with the mysterious Franco (James Franco).

When asked if Spinelli would be able to forgive her, Bradford speculated, “I think he wants to figure out the real reason for why it happened and he wants her to be able to speak in those terms and not just cover it up with things that don’t matter. He’s a pretty forgiving fellow and just wants to understand why it happened and if it’s going to happen again. I think this time around, at least the way I wanted to approach it was less, you know, Spinelli the doof, but more Spinelli the well-formed human being that deals with things in a real way.”