GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode "14945" - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin)MICHAEL BLAKE KRUSE
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Welcome to Port Charles, Officer Cabrera! Just heed these warnings.

Detective Chase might still be sidelined, but the streets of Port Charles will presumably remain safe (or as safe as they get), thanks to the casting of Michael Blake Kruse as a rookie cop. As soon as the news was announced, fans jumped in to give the actor, or more specifically, his character, Rory Cabrera, advice on life in Port Charles.

To kick things off, Kruse explained on Twitter that “a handful of people are asking me to arrest them at random. The PCPD does not operate in that fashion.”

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Naturally, fans had some thoughts on that assumption. “Well, it kinda does,” said one Twitter user, while another responded with, “Are you really sure?”

Having been properly schooled, Kruse later quipped, “My apologies. Revisiting the handbook.”

While he did that, fans had more helpful suggestions for the General Hospital newbie. First and foremost, LucysOnIt warned, “Stay away from Maxie — cops who get involved with her always DIE!” (R.I.P. Nathan, Cooper and Jesse.)

Meanwhile, another tweet suggested he join the local dating app because, “There’s a doctor looking for a hot guy.” Of course, should he get matched with Dr. Britt Westbourne, someone should probably warn him about Mutter.

More advice on Rory’s new workplace included a quick who’s who overview: “Det. Dante Falconeri is your friend. His daddy is Sonny Corinthos, distracted head of the Morgan-Corinthos Empire of the Five Families now just two w/ ruthless Ms. Selina Wu. You can trust Marcus Taggart. Former Det on PCPD & FBI. Jordan Ashford?🤷‍♀️

While we, too, assume Dante will be a friendly presence, might we suggest Rory not take anything the detective says about the Nurses’ Ball at face value. Just ask Chase.

It wasn’t all fans who reacted to his casting though, as his General Hospital castmate, Avery Pohl, who plays Esme, also welcomed him to the show. Proving Kruse has already been filled in on some Port Charles dirt, he responded warmly, but added, “I’ve been warned about you.”

Should Esme be worried? Or should he?

In addition to this great advice, might we also suggest Rory stop by Kelly’s for a BLT, hit up the new axe throwing bar, and consult Lucy’s Travel Guide to Port Charles, to further educate himself on the ins and outs of his new city.

What advice would you give Officer Cabrera? What are your hopes for the new guy in town? Tell us in the comments!

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