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Who’s your daddy?

Few things have been as divisive on General Hospital as Michael’s parentage — among fans and among the characters themselves! Is he a Corinthos? A Quartermaine? Honestly, it depends on how he’s acting at any given moment, how much he’s ticked at Sonny and how much he’s annoying the fans.

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Fan Jackie Gunn recently weighed in and took things in a completely different direction when she shared a photo of Michael looking dapper with Jason and Carly, writing, “This will forever be my favorite GH family.”

It was sweet! And not entire out of left field. Back before the AJ/Sonny tug-o’-war, Jason was the first one to raise Michael. Heck, for a time he was a single parent as Carly ran off to battle her post-partum depression. And then again when she was locked up for shooting Tony. Jason was the one to give Michael his name, and there have been some longtime fans who’ve clamored for a big reveal declaring the two father and son.

Back when Carly and Jason nearly married, we even chimed in on the possibility of a big Jason’s your daddy reveal. That would have blown Sonny’s mind if he’d returned to find Carly and Jason married and Michael turned out to be the son of his right-hand man, rather than his nemesis, AJ. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

And when Chad Duell re-shared the post, his focus was elsewhere.

“Gotta get me that suit,” he tweeted.

It was all well and good and perfectly innocent, but then Maurice Benard chimed in to stir things up a little. Or a lot!

“You look great,” he wrote to his TV son in reply, adding, “and I’m glad you’re surrounded by your father and your mother.”

Duell’s response from The Office said it all!

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Some fans, of course, jumped on the comment, agreeing that with the way Michael’s been acting lately, he’s no son of Sonny’s! Others appreciated the shade Benard was throwing Duell’s way.

But mixed in the comments was also the old idea that Michael’s parentage got mixed up between AJ and Jason and the younger Quartermaine was actually his dad. These days, we’re pretty sure it’s a twist that would make those viewers upset with Michael over taking Sonny to task, but with Jason currently dead, we have a feeling it won’t be coming to fruition just yet. The door, though, is always open…

What are your thoughts? Could Michael someday end up being Jason’s? Would you want him to? Sound off below!

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