Esme is pushed to confess GH
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“The truth is bound to come out.”

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of March 28 – April 1, Esme’s scheme lands Trina in hot water. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After Jordan and Dante received the anonymous tip Esme left pointing the finger for Cam and Joss’ sex tape at Trina, Jordan was forced to bring her in for questioning. At the station, Jordan asks Trina if she’s comfortable answering some questions. Clearly having nothing to hide, Trina says she can ask her anything.

As the promo announcer teases, “The truth is bound to come out,” Victor is shown staring down Spencer. Victor already has made it clear that he wants Nikolas and Spencer to work out their relationship, but could this be about something else? After all, Trina and Spencer were together in the cemetery when the sex tape was unleashed on campus, but Spencer was illegally out of Spring Ridge that day to visit his mother’s grave thanks to his Uncle Victor. He could be Trina’s alibi, but then he might face the consequences of breaking his 30-day sentence.

Ava and Carly are aghast and shocked by something, as Curtis comforts a sobbing Portia at the station. That clearly is not good news for Trina. As for the person behind it all, Esme seems genuinely frightened as Sonny tells her that all she has to do is confess. But is Esme actually scared of the alleged mob boss, or is she simply putting on another one of her shows?

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