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Daytime Emmy Award winners have a little fun behind the scenes.

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard and Chad Duell were at it again, having some fun in Benard’s dressing room. It’s no secret that their characters are currently at odds over Sonny’s relationship and continued support of Nina, but when they’re not filming scenes for the ABC soap, they’re acting out their own version of what should come next.

In Benard’s latest Instagram video, he gets into Sonny-mode and explains, “I’m just trying to see if I can speak to Michael because I just haven’t spoken to him in a long time.” He exhaled then continued, “He’s just very upset at me. I don’t know… anyway, let me see if I can get something out of him.”

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“Sonny” then stood up and said, “Hey Michael.”

As the camera panned to Benard’s closed dressing room door, Duell was revealed to be inside. However, after he opened the door, stepped out then stepped back inside, “Michael” tried to put on a sad — or was it a mad — face and walked toward “Sonny” until the actor broke out into laughter, which led Benard to do the same.

“Hey, what was that? You just got up and left then came back in?” Benard asked, to which Duell replied, “I don’t know if they noticed or not.” Oh, we noticed… but Benard got a kick out of it either way — and so did we.

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Duell then posted a photo with Benard on his official page and shared, “[At] least we get along off screen.”

This isn’t the first time that General Hospital’s onscreen father/son duo has had a little silly fun behind the scenes at the studio. And given the characters’ history, boy could they reenact many more scenarios from other tension-filled situations from the past.

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