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Some people like eating alone while others dine with a special someone or a group of friends and family…

For General Hospital and Days of Our Lives alum Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas; ex-Stefan), he prefers to bring his furbaby to dinner. Yes, you read that right — and apparently, it’s “a thing.”

The soap vet shared the cutest photos with his six-month-old Goldendoodle Tanka during a night out on the town. “I guess I’m that guy who takes his puppy to dinner,” Christopher stated. “Thankfully that’s a thing in my neighborhood and no one seems to mind.”

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Tanka was all dolled up in a camouflage harness and appeared absolutely content in her daddy’s arms — and the shot of Christopher giving his pup a big smooch, well, how adorable is that!? Or like a fan, JoAnn, commented, in regards to their night out, “That’s barkin cool.”

A few days later, he celebrated National Puppy Day by taking Tanka out for a Puppuccino.

Christopher first introduced his followers to Tanka back in February and expressed, “This girl has stolen my heart with her sweet disposition and endless cuddles.”

We can see why with a face like that!

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The actor also shared that he recently joined Cameo and is waiting to hear from fans “to wish you a happy birthday, celebrate a milestone or just to say hello.”

And earlier this week, he shared a story on Cameo about his “first days on General Hospital.” Christopher was 23 at the time and the ABC soap was his “first real acting job.” Hearing what an impact he made on so many people during his run as Nikolas has humbled the actor, who has “enjoyed sharing those stories through these Cameo requests.”

If you’d like to request a message from Christopher, we have a direct link to his Cameo page in the gallery below, which also features 38 other stars who are waiting to hear from you!