GH Rundown for the week of December 14!

Last week more light was shed on Franco, Maxie tried to fix things with Spinelli, the past was relived, Diane rocked, and Lisa had possibilities.

Let’s get down to it!

Franco’s Reign of Terror Continues

Franco took a turn for the better in my eyes last week. He seemed to turn it down a notch and didn’t try so hard to be insanely mysterious. He was far more menacing in his controlled, more reserved demeanor while he taunted Jason and scared the bejesus out of Spinelli. I also enjoyed Franco literally translating Spinelli’s words and acting confused when Spin came to his studio. Although, I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what The Jackal was saying. He then very effectively turned creepy while giving him a message for Jason and I feared for poor Spinelli.

What I liked even more though was that Franco and Ronnie have a past. I’m not entirely clear on the specifics, but I took it as Ronnie busted Franco for a crime he didn’t commit, but then later let him off on a murder he probably did commit to make up for it. Is that what you got out of it? Anyway, it made both characters a lot more interesting to me because it gives Franco another layer of sorts and it gives us the first real look into who Ronnie is and maybe why he’s so hard on Dante.

You Want Me to do What?
My heart continued to break for Spinelli this week as he dealt with the realization that Maxie slept with Franco. We got to see a more ‘real’ Spinelli, as his hurt was pretty raw, which seemingly turned him into a regular speaking person. Maxie reacted pretty much how Maxie would, by suggesting he even the score by cheating on her. I liked Lulu warning her Spinelli could actually enjoy the experience and like the person he sleeps with, which is something she never even considered. Typical Maxie. But Spinelli’s devastation over her betrayal and her suggestion is what’s got me so interested in Spixie’s latest chapter.

Just Tell Him Already

I’m really tired of Lucky being kept in the dark about Nikolas and Elizabeth. If Luke is so upset, why doesn’t he just tell his son about them? Wouldn’t it just be easier? Stop torturing yourself and let your son know why you keep fighting with his brother. And why doesn’t Lucky want to know what’s up between Nikolas and Luke? I’m not buying that he can just blow off their latest battle, especially when they were beating the crap out of each other in front of him.