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Is Alexis’ ex dead-dead… or Port Charles dead?

This past weekend, General Hospital fans were treated the show’s annual convention, where those lucky enough to attend got to spend some up-close and personal time with their favorite stars. And while we sadly weren’t able to make it, thanks to a fly or two on the wall, we did get a good idea of what went down! One of the panels featured William deVry (ex-Julian) and Kin Shriner (Scotty) and, as you can imagine, a popular topic was whether reports of the reformed mobster’s demise had been greatly exaggerated.

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On the one hand, it seems unlikely, seeing as how poor Julian was shot so many times, deVry cracked to those in attendance that he thought he was back on All My Children. (You may recall that during his stint in Pine Valley, the played the utterly detestable Michael Cambrias, who was gunned down by Bianca after trying to rape her a second time.)

Julian, though was never a villain on Michael’s level, so if he were to come back to life, he’d have plenty of fans happily going along for the ride. And according to 10th Floor Podcast, Shriner, for one, doesn’t believe Julian is really dead!

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch, of course, for the ex-mobster to come back. He’s done it a time or two before. deVry himself reportedly weighed in on whether he’d be up to bringing Julian back saying, according to Jenn M, that he’d only return for a “short arc” of no more than 10 episodes.

That said, don’t get your hopes up, as deVry then reportedly quipped that executive producer Frank Valentini said, “If we keep bringing people back then we are nothing but an ATM machine. So it’s probably not a good idea.”

OK, fine, that’s fair enough — but he doesn’t have to return in the flesh!

There’s always the option of having Julian make a more… spiritual visit! Maybe he could return to make things right with Alexis and give “Julexis” some closure from beyond. After all, their falling in love was supposedly his favorite storyline.

Plus, Julian’s still got family in Port Charles. Perhaps Ava could use some guidance from her ghostly brother! After all, she’s a Jerome, mixed up with the Cassadines, with an obsessed serial killer trying to get her back — with so much trouble in the mix, might a chat with her gone-but-not-forgotten sibling be useful right about now?

According to Jenn M, deVry also acknowledged that both he and his General Hospital “sister” Maura West miss their characters’ sibling relationship since it showed a whole range of emotions for both characters.

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What do you think? Do you feel like Julian’s time was cut too short? Would you like to see him return from the dead or at least stop by for a ghostly visit? Sound off below, then, before you head out, how checking out our gallery revisiting his tumultuous life from the moment he returned to Port Charles with both a new attitude and a new face!