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Goodbyes aren’t easy, y’all!

If you haven’t yet read Sydney Mikayla’s beautiful message as she left General Hospital and her role of Trina, stop what you’re doing and do so; it really is lovely (and you can find it here). Then and only then can we delve into the responses the actress received from her castmates, possibly the only people who took her exit harder than us in the audience.

William Lipton, who plays Cameron, admitted to Mikayla that “you’re making me cry.” It had “been an absolute honor” to work with her,” he added, noting that this wasn’t the end for them. “You’re not gonna get rid of me so easily. I’ll see you soon, partner.”

As Eden McCoy (Josslyn) told Mikayla, “Love you and miss you already,” Briana Nicole Henry (ex-Jordan) told the UCLA freshman, “You are such a kind, talented, beautiful light. It was a pleasure being on the same show as you, and I can’t wait to see all that you do. Sending you so much love!”

Portia is proud of Trina GH

Tajh Bellow (TJ) cheered, “Go get ’em!” Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) wrote, “You’re such a rock star. It’s been such a pleasure to know and work with you. I wish you nothing but continued success and happiness.” Finally, on-screen mom Brook Kerr (Portia) marveled that Mikayla was “such a classy queen.

“My heart aches that I don’t get to see your beautiful face every day, but you have other adventures and successes ahead,” she added. “Keep shining bright, babygirl.”

On your way to the comments to say your own farewell to Mikayla, stop off at the below photo gallery, an updated list of all the actors leaving Port Charles.