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Play nice, everyone! 

We just discovered today that General Hospital‘s William Lipton has a thing or two to learn about respecting his elders! Cameron’s portrayer shared a photo of himself having a, well, we don’t want to say “bad” hair day, but we will say messy hair day. That was all well and good, but when he tweeted the pic, he came straight for Kin Shriner (Scotty), knives sharpened and out!

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Lipton tagged the photo as a “Kin Shriner good hair day,” and waited patiently for the General Hospital vet to respond. When he did, Shriner did not disappoint.

“Oh no, William Lipton,” he wrote when retweeting the pic, “wrong on so many levels!”

And if the amount of wrongness corresponds to the number of exclamation points used, Lipton has indeed caused grievous injury to Scotty’s portrayer! (But it still got a guffaw out of us, sorry!)

Obviously, it was all in good fun. Some fans responded that they do, indeed, see the similarity, but even more responded that it was a good ‘do! We’re definitely getting I-just-spent-the-day-on-the-beach-surfer-vibes from this, and who doesn’t love a good sun-kissed look?

Hey, whatever the hair, we feel Shriner and Lipton always manage to pull it off, so let’s count this as a win for both actors!

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For those who want to get a better look at Shriner’s hair through the years (including what it looked like when he was about Lipton’s age!) you should probably stop by our photo gallery of Scotty’s life on General Hospital. OK, OK, we’ll admit the coif does get a little wilder as time goes on, but hey, so does Scott!