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After several teases, is a Webber family reunion finally going to happen?

It’s been months since General Hospital made mention of Liz’s father, Jeff Webber. Last fall, he reached out through Liz’s best friend Terry in hopes of getting in contact with his daughter. Liz completely ignored his message.

Later, when Finn and Violet moved into their new apartment, Liz and Aiden dropped by with a housewarming gift. Aiden also brought Violet a book of photos so she could get to know her mother’s side of the family. Violet was intrigued by a picture of her mother’s father and wondered why she hadn’t met him.

Recall that Violet’s mother, Hayden Barnes, only as an adult, learned Jeff was her biological father. Aiden explained his mom doesn’t talk to her parents, and they don’t see much of Grandpa Jeff. Simply seeing the photo troubled Liz, and she explained to Finn that her parents were barely a part of her life. Liz arrived in Port Charles as a teen when her folks left her with her grandma Audrey. They have spent most of their lives working around the world for Doctors Without Borders.

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Liz’s shredded wedding dress was only one of the creepy things her stalker has left for her.

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Currently, Liz is being haunted by someone who is leaving mementos of Franco for her. When Betsy Frank was ruled out as a suspect, Liz started to worry her son Jake could be acting out. After all, not only did he lose his stepfather Franco, but then his biological father Jason was killed and Liz began dating Finn.

Liz insisted Jake speak to a psychologist Dr. Macey at the hospital. Jake worried that his mother suspected him of being behind what was happening to her and that he was going insane. Unfortunately, she had another good reason to suspect Jake. As a child, he was held captive by Helena and conditioned to unleash the Chimera Project, a deadly biological weapon, on Port Charles.

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When Jake ran into Finn and grandma Monica at the hospital, after ditching his therapy session, he didn’t want to open up to her about what was troubling him. Finn offered to talk to the boy, but not before Monica explained her history with Jake and his family. In a not-so-subtle name-dropping conversation, Monica briefed Finn of her marriage to Liz’s father.

The marriage didn’t last, as both of them cheated, which is quite normal for soap couples. Monica slept with Jeff’s older half-brother Rick while Jeff strayed with Heather Webber. This resulted in Heather giving birth to Liz’s half-brother Steven. We’ve already speculated that Heather’s twisted enough to be haunting Liz. Yet at the same time, Liz was pretty much the only woman she approved of dating her son Franco, likely due to her connection to Jeff and Steven.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but no, Mother, I wasn’t out raising hell, I was just talking to Meemaw and Pawpaw.”

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Jake assured Finn he was innocent, and he had no problem with him dating his mother as long as the doctor was good to her. After confessing why he possibly couldn’t have been behind some of the incidents, Finn helped Jake talk to his mother. Liz was stunned to learn Jake had been sneaking off to use public computers to chat with someone, including the day Franco’s painting was left in their home. She didn’t understand why he didn’t use the home computer. Jake confessed that he didn’t want her to know that he’d been talking to her parents, Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Carolyn!

While Jeff appeared on the soap opera from 1976 until 1981, played by future MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson, his wife and Liz’s mother Carolyn has never been seen. We’ve already proposed several big-name soap actresses who would be perfect as Liz’s mother.

Richard Dean Anderson on GH

Jeff was but one of the singletons who hoped to take Nurse Anne’s virginity in the ’80s.

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Jake explained that after his grandparents saw a post he made on social media about losing Jason, they reached out to him and they’ve been talking for months. Liz asked if her parents told him to keep this from her, but they didn’t. Jake was worried she would be angry because she barely has contact with her mom and dad. He felt that because Liz hates them, she expected him to as well. He assured his mom that they simply want to get to know their grandson.

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Fans were hopeful last fall that the mentions of Jeff and Carolyn meant they might finally show up in Port Charles after all these years. However, then the whole storyline went cold. Now that several characters have brought their names up again, it seems like more than just a nod to history. And Liz is now furious that her parents went behind her back to speak to Jake and is also back to square one in regard to who is haunting her.

If Jeff and Carolyn have reached out to Jake, could they have tried to contact their other grandchildren? And even though she’s a little too young for social media, Violet has made it known to her father that she wants to meet her Grandpa Jeff, given that she’s already met her Grandpa Gregory. If he doesn’t turn up on his daughter’s doorstep, we’ll swallow a stethoscope!

So who’s the other fan favorite we predict is soon to return? Not Carolyn, since we’ve never met her! It’s Heather Webber! We can well imagine Franco’s Mommie Dearest taking it poorly if she found out that her daughter-in-law had moved on so quickly with another man and making it her mission to remind Liz at every turn that her heart was supposed to belong to the deceased.

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“Forget my boy? Oh no, missy, I don’t think so.”

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Could the nurse’s haunting have anyone’s name more clearly written all over it than the inimitable Robin Mattson’s notoriously bonkers character? That’s a rhetorical question; it couldn’t.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Is it finally time for the Webbers to come home? Could this also facilitate Liz’s sister Sarah’s return as well or perhaps Steven’s? Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see these characters back and if you agree with our theory that Heather is behind Liz’s haunting. Then before you go, be sure to look through our photo gallery of suggested actors who could play Jeff Webber in the gallery below.