Selina Wu propositions Curtis
Credit: ABC screenshot

“The drama never stops.”

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of March 14 – 18, Curtis gets an unexpected offer. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After Joss confided in her mother about the sex tape, and that Esme may have been behind it, Carly and Joss ran into the devious young girl at the Metro Court. In the preview, Carly gets physical with Esme and grabs her by the wrist. She lets her know, as Esme winces in pain, that she’s messing with the wrong people! Unfortunately, Carly doesn’t know just how insane Esme is, and it could come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Nina sees another side of Sonny as he violently pushes things off his desk, frightening her.

Felicia and Anna head to Austria to try and find evidence that Victor was behind Luke’s death. There they are faced with danger and forced to double-team an opponent.

After talking Nina out of suing Michael and Willow for visitation rights to see Wiley, it appears Sonny goes to talk to his son about the matter. Michael lets his father know that Nina is someone who shouldn’t be trusted. Who will Sonny side with in what clearly looks to be an impending legal battle?

Finally, Selina Wu is back in Port Charles asks Curtis to partner up with her. That can’t be good news for Curtis, who has been dead set on keeping the mob out of his club.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook