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Esme and Ryan’s plot could backfire on them.

Even though General Hospital viewers have long suspected that Esme’s fascination with Ryan was because she was his daughter, it was nonetheless shocking when the theory was finally proven to be true. The real jaw-dropper was the reveal that Ryan could talk, move and even stand. The serial killer appears to have been faking his locked-in syndrome from the beginning.

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Not only is Esme Ryan’s daughter, but we learned she came to Port Charles to help her father break up Ava and Nikolas. Yes, Ryan is still obsessed with Ava and believes he can somehow convince her that she still loves and belongs with him.

We all know how well that type of thinking worked out for Peter!

As the diabolical tag team discussed the problems their plan has run into, viewers discovered that Esme has seemingly been playing Spencer from the beginning, and he was her ticket to Port Charles. Ryan scolded his “beautiful, gifted daughter,” as he called her, for getting sidetracked by the drama involving Spencer and his friends. He reminded her why she was in Port Charles to begin with.

Given that their stalking plan failed, Ryan set out to formulate a new one and ordered Esme to get closer to Nikolas by means of Spencer. It sure sounds like Esme might borrow a trick out of Nelle’s bag, drug Nikolas and set herself up to be found in bed with him. Then again, it may be too soon to use that soap trope over again.

Ryan and Esme Relationship GH
Now we know why Esme is so crazy… like father, like daughter.

So far Esme has been able to play on Spencer’s already existing hatred towards Ava to further her and Ryan’s scheme. However, after she released the sex video of Joss and Cam and tried to blame it on Trina, she may have made one mistake too many. Spencer wasn’t buying that the Trina he knows would do such a thing. Esme’s hatred towards Trina and Spencer’s friends could be her undoing and finally be what breaks her hold over him.

Should Spencer begin to get even a hint that Esme is not who she claims to be, or what she’s done to Trina, it could push him to turn to Ava, of all people. Spencer knows Ava and Trina have a close relationship, and that Ava has no love for Esme. His concern for Trina may force him to swallow his pride and go to Ava for help keeping Trina safe from his psychotic girlfriend.

Plus, if anyone knows how to out-scheme a schemer, it’s Ava. What a twist it would be if Esme unintentionally brings Spencer and Ava closer, which would ruin Ryan’s entire plan to tear Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine apart.

Spencer and Ava don’t agree on much, but they both care about Trina and don’t want her hurt.

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There is still one more missing piece of this puzzle to be revealed. So far all Esme has mentioned of her past is that she is one of several children adopted by a couple, who have since passed away. Esme claimed she was never close to her adoptive parents and doesn’t like talking about them. Given all the lies Esme has told, the story about her parents could simply be another one.

With the reveal that Ryan is her biological father, it’s left fans speculating about who her mother could be. Many immediately felt it might somehow turn out to be Felicia. It would also make sense with Esme’s being adopted, as Felicia could have given away the child she had with Ryan. Of course, there is the issue of timing that many have pointed out. There is no way, other than just going with the soap’s ability to rewrite its history and mess with the time-space continuum, that Esme could be Felicia’s child. Unless Esme is far older than she claims, or as I said, we have to just go along with the soap time paradox.

Others have suggested Ryan is simply lying to Esme about being her father, and she could be Kevin and Lucy’s child. Though that would require a good explanation as to why Lucy would give such a child up, as it would have been a permanent bond between her and her “Doc.” Lucy has never gotten over the end of their marriage and even threw herself at him this past Christmas. The blunder, involving mistaken identity, ended up resulting in her finding something new with Martin Gray.

Lucy has never gotten over Kevin. Or his enviable jawline.

Let us know in the comments who you think Esme’s mother is. Could it be Felicia, Lucy, or do you have a theory that it’s someone else entirely? Or, is Esme being completely played by Ryan, and she’s not his daughter at all? Then take a look at the evil deeds characters did they’d like to forget in the photo gallery below.