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Carly delivers a harsh sentiment to Sonny.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of March 7 – 11, the fallout from Esme’s revenge scheme begins. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

An announcer hints that it’s the start of new beginnings for some, as Sasha and Brando, and Curtis and Portia are shown. Sasha and Brando have reconnected at Sonny’s cabin, but unbeknownst to Brando, she’s turned back to using drugs to cope with the loss of their child. Under the influence, she shocked Brando by suggesting they get married immediately! Meanwhile, Curtis and Portia are set to move into their dream home, but Jordan’s return along with Marshall’s secret past could put a damper on their plans.

Though Kevin has forbid Esme to see his serial-killer sociopath brother, Esme doesn’t follow anyone’s orders and visits him anyway. Will we finally learn what her connection to him is, aside from the fact that she’s as crazy as he is?

Trina was shocked to find Spencer out of Spring Ridge, a temporary release arranged by his Uncle Victor, and visiting his mother’s grave. However, when push comes to shove, Trina does some shoving and sends Spencer to the ground!

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Esme launched her revenge plot against Trina and Joss by sending Cam and Joss’ sex video across the PCU campus network. The fallout is just beginning, and Cam, Joss and Trina’s relationships may never be the same again.

And speaking of relationships, when Sonny waltzes into the Metro Court, Carly lets him know just seeing him makes her hurt.

Let us know in the comments which storyline are you most looking forward to this week, even if it’s not in the promo.

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