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The writing’s on the wall…

General Hospital all but sealed the deal with a kiss. Sure, when the soap had Carly and Drew lock lips during February sweeps, it also had her pull away, it seemed to telegraph what was to come.

At the time, Carly pointed out that she was hurting over Sonny, and Drew, over Sam. “We’re vulnerable right now,” she said, “and you being Jason’s brother just makes it very messy.”

And very logical. Of course Carly would be drawn to the man who most reminds her of her “late husband,” the best friend for whom romantic feelings had been reawakened during Sonny’s stay in Nixon Falls.

“We just have a lot going on,” Carly continued, “to get caught up in… this.” But it won’t always be quite such a lot. The dust will settle. The bruises on their hearts will mend. And then they’ll go where they’ve wanted to since back when Billy Miller was playing Drew.


On the off chance that we’re wrong — hey, it happens! — Carly has other options, too. While Sonny’s off cavorting with Nina, she could capitalize on her chemistry with Brando. Sure, he and Sasha are working toward getting their relationship back on track, but should he find out that she’s again doing drugs to help deal with her grief, all bets could be off. Or she could realize that there’s something about Austin that reminds her of old flames Todd and Franco. (Although we kinda want him to be with a certain someone else.)

Then there was the idea that was floated by fans, to reintroduce Laura Wright’s real-life beau as someone, anyone, other than Peter (RIP). That would give the audience the fun of watching the off-screen sweethearts fall for one another on screen.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Do you agree that the show is positioning Drew as Carly’s rebound romance? Are you Team “CarSon” or bust? On your way to the comments, check out the latest additions to the soap’s 2022 collection of cast portraits below.

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