Credit: ABC

And she was deeply touched by the boss’ thoughtful reaction.

February 28 was the best of times and the worst of times for Nancy Lee Grahn. On one hand, she wasn’t feeling too well. On the other, she was heartened by General Hospital boss Frank Valentini’s response.

“To have a job where when I say I’ve a fixable medical prob[lem] that needs to be addressed asap,” she tweeted, “and have [the executive producer] say ‘Take care of yourself’ and then adjust 200 crew and a schedule that cost lots of time and money is a perk I’m grateful for.

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“I’m a lucky 26-year employee of” the ABC soap, she added.

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Upon reading the Emmy winner’s cryptic post, former General Hospital writers Patrick Mulcahey and Michele Val Jean (who is now at The Bold and the Beautiful) checked in to make sure their friend was OK. “It’s not death,” cracked Alexis’ portrayer, “but a benign cyst on some nerve on [the] facet joint or something I can’t spell.

“It’s cry-baby-painful,” she continued, and it meant that her significant other needed “to put on my underwear and pants but hopefully fixable.”

We should certainly hope so. On your way to the comments to wish Grahn a full and speedy recovery, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits highlights of her storied run as Alexis. If the embattled character can get through all that, we’re sure her portrayer can get this issue licked, too!