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“I was diagnosed at two years old.”

For those who are unaware, today, February 28, marks Rare Disease Day, a movement that works towards equity in health care, social opportunity and access to diagnosis and treatment for people living with a rare disease. General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison (Drew) took to social media to honor the day by opening up about his childhood experience of growing up with Legg Calve Perthes disease.

Of the condition, which occurs when the blood supply to the hip joint’s femoral head is temporarily interrupted and the bone start to die, Mathison shared, “I was diagnosed at two years old and wore this leg brace night and day for four years to allow my femur bones to harden and support my body.”

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The ABC soap star posted five photos from his youth and stated, “The treatment has come a long way since then, but [there’s] still so much to learn about this rare disease.” And for those who want to learn more, or simply show their support, he tagged two resources below in order to do so.

This isn’t the first time Mathison has shared his personal battles in hopes of helping others who may have gone through or are continuing to go through such fights. Back in 2019, he revealed he’d been battling renal cancer and had had surgery to remove a tumor on his right kidney. Since then, he’s continued to share health updates and in October 2021 he announced he’d been two years cancer-free.

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We commend Mathison for speaking out on such topics so others out there know that they are not alone. Before you go, take a look back at Mathison’s Port Charles character in our photo gallery below featuring the life and times of Drew Cain.